Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness training model

- Consistently high performance can not be achieved without satisfaction and satisfaction is often not possible without amazing performance.

- For effective people management, four core roles must successfully be fulfilled: visionary, tactic, colleague and assistant.

- Effective leadership is always based on the inherent characteristics of the leader, which are though one of the less tangible aspects.

- Daily relationships and communication between employees and manages play the greatest role in personal satisfaction.

"We are seeing increased cooperation and increased attention to the customer needs. In the past we tried other apporaches, but we were not as successful."
Head of program director - Safmarine. AP Maersk Moller Group

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Development program - The Leader Manager

Organizations expect managers to get results, but getting long term performance requires a focus on more than just results. Research indicates that high performance is not sustainable over time unless it is accompanied by a high degree of fulfillment in addition to a focus on performance—neither performance nor fulfillment exists in a vacuum. To implement strategy and create business results managers must create an environment of performance with fulfillment. These skills require integrating the inspiration of leadership with the skill of management.

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Development program - Coaching

High-performing organizations frequently view coaching in the context of fostering performance and fulfillment rather than focusing on increasing output. Their employees are more engaged in their work, motivated to expand their skill sets over time, and driven to succeed.

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Development program - Negotiating to Yes

Negotiation is an ever-present part of any sales process. It occurs informally throughout the sales process, and more formally when specific proposals and agreements are on the table. Effective negotiating protects sales revenue and improves profit margins. If you want your salespeople to improve profitability, compete on value rather than price, and enhance how customers perceive the value of your capabilities, products, and credibility, then Negotiating To Yes can help your organization

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Development program - Building Relationship Versatility

In every organization, there is a hidden diversity – the diversity of Social Styles. Leveraging Social Style differences can lead to more effective collaboration, productive relationships, and greater productivity and business results. Recognizing others’ work preferences and adjusting to them allows for more efficient communication, and the persuasive ability to influence others. Improving versatility reduces tension in relationships and enables people to focus efficiently on the task and work to be done.

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Development program - Creating Team Mastery

Some teams may reach a satisfactory or even high level of performance, but they are lacking the spirit of a true team. There are also some teams that feel they could be better and so they ask “How good could we be?” Teams like these already know the basics, and get the job done, but there definitely something missing. These types of teams are ready to move up to new levels of team effectiveness – up to Team Mastery.

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