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Creative negotiation technique

Globally acclaimed development program now in Estonian.

Everyone of us have big and small negotiations every day either within the organization or outside of it. We discuss and make proposals, solve conflicts and sign agreements and contracts. In many cases the negotiations turn into mutual trade negotiations. In trade negotiations one party loses the more the other party gains.

“Negotiating to Yes” (NTY) program (in Estonian “Edukad läbirääkimised”) focuses on principled negotiations during which new value is created and both parties will benefit from it.

“Negotiating to Yes” is an effective program to develop techniques and skills when conducting principled negotiations. The training focuses on the work of Dr. William Ury, Harvard’s negotiation team and “Getting to Yes” co-authors. The program includes fresh observations from Ury’s latest books “Getting Past No” and “The Positive No.” Great emphasis is placed on strategic preparation and a three step process which includes human cooperation setup, discovering of problems and reaching agreements. There are also books related to the course “Kuidas võita vaidlusi ja läbirääkimisi” (Roger Fisher, William Ury, Fontes 1992) and “Kuidas panna nad ütlema JAH!” (Roger Fisher, William Ury, Bruce Patton Fontes 2004).

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